Liên hệ để báo giá

Gearmotor designed for heavy and intensive use.

Available in two versions:
KALOS XL 24V POWER Version for sliding gates up to 1500Kg, for intensive use
KALOS XL 24V POWERSPEED . Fast version for gates up to 1000kg, 20 m / minute.

Power and total control of movement at your service:
The new BIOS1 24 POWER is designed on two levels, separate control and power, specifically for KALOS XL POWER, with integrated “H” bridge .
The control unit is capable of controlling the flow of power and the speed of the motor in direct operation and in the slowdown phases, allowing the user to obtain a precise and refined movement in all conditions.
Radio module and receiver integrated, up to 1000 transmitters

Fixing plate included.