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INT VS Electromechanical 24 Vdc gearmotor. Strong die-cast aluminium structure which can support great efforts. Totally slide-away installation inside the foundation box.

CAC20 Steel foundation box and cover treated with high quality painting process that ensure a double protective layer.

Control unit.

BIOS 2 Control unit for 1 or 2 wings gate. Available also in an economic version. Electronic torque adjustment, extractable memory, functions selection through display, self–learning of strokes, differentiable slowing downs during opening and closing phase. Control unit with managing of a transmitter through the display. Adjustable obstacle detection, self-diagnosis of safety devices only for completed version.
BIOS 2 version 230Vac
BIOS 2 ECO version 230Vac

BIOS2 24 UNDERGROUND Control unit for 1 or 2 wings gate with underground motors. Easy and fast learning function, adjustable electronic clutch and anti-squeezing security device. Wide possibility to adjust the door’s motion. Extractable terminal board to make the installation and the maintenance easier.